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A Unique Blend of Power and Creativity:

At Digital Elixir Studios we offer a unique blend of technical design, creative visualization and professional partnership.   We specialize in development of  digital courses and training media, as well as award-winning animation.   The powerful data management tools we employ for corporate, collegiate and K-12 organizations add unprecedented usefulness to online classes and internet destinations.  The incorporation of video game development  adds another key level of   retention for users of our digital tools.   Linear videos for on the job training as well as trade shows and other venues can be part of a larger project, or stand alone presentations for any venue.  Using our toolbox of character animation, motion design, professional voice-over services and interactive design, Digital Elixir Studios delivers an array of communication solutions ready for the 21st Century.

Explore our site  and learn more about what makes us tick and what we can do for you.   We’d love to partner with you and say, “Welcome home to your own creative solutions team!”


eLearning  +  Animation  +  Visualization  +  Design  +  the Experience to get you there!