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Welcome to Digital Elixir’s eLearning Zone!

This is the portal you will use to access our online learning courses.  Utilizing Common Core Standards adopted nationally by 45 states and counting, our eLearning modules will provide comprehensive educational solutions to enhance the K-5 student curriculum nation wide.  Our areas of focus are those that are most in peril.  With the burden on teachers to produce complex and engaging learning materials in every subject, and due to increased standardized testing pressure, science and history (social studies) are being  increasingly neglected. We intend to provide materials to help fill that gap and keep our children on a firm, positive footing in those critical subjects.

We are currently in early development of our very first science title called “Our Solar System”.  We hope to engage students and provide the inspiration and factual understanding of critical concepts with contextual understanding.   Whether in a classroom setting, or allowing children to learn at their own pace at home, our eLearning tools will provide Common Core content and critical evaluation.




With Digital Elixir’s combined strengths in creative visualization and digital course design, coupled with teacher and collegiate partnerships, we look forward to developing our library of  engaging educational content for the 21st century and beyond!

commoncore_logo Click here to learn more about state and national Common Core Standards.