markd2 If you’ve made it this far, you’d like to know a little more about us…  

Learning more about us should start with me, Mark DiGiacomo, the company founder and president.  After many years working on movies and television, then multimedia design, post production and in the video game industry, it was clear that technology was changing the game. The internet was here to stay and the old-guard approach to how people and companies communicate and do business was about to fall.   So I ventured to create an organization that  was about designing unique creative solutions  large and small, virtually anywhere in the world.  By tapping into the creative potential of new technologies and design, we believed we could improve experiences, value and relationships in business and beyond.  This evolution in how we work and play is still happening.  Our aim today is to continue to improve our  visual tools and creative messaging.   We try finding the best way to reach your goals like an ad agency. We conjure up great ideas that fit what you need, then we execute them into awesomeness!  We work with a wide array of very talented folks who illustrate, code and animate.   We are a scale-able team of artists, project managers, directors, editors, programmers  – all working for you.

“We’re the creative department that you don’t need the expense of maintaining in-house.”

Partnering with us, you can concentrate on your core capabilities while we concentrate on your messaging..  This is an exciting time for the integration of design, animation and the power of interactivity. The  data from our interactive tools can provide unmatched strategic and adaptive insights to improve your results and your bottom line.  Let Digital Elixir be your creative- solutions partner!

~ Mark DiGiacomo
 Creative Director / President, Digital Elixir Studios, Inc.

It’s easy learn about us and keep tabs on what’s new at   or our FaceBook page