Our Approach & Philosophy:

At Digital Elixir Studios we  believe that people interact with information best when multiple senses are engaged – including emotion. When children use this approach, they learn by interacting with engaging content. Couple that with a creative sense of wonder and the information takes firmer hold.  Adults have also been shown to retain and advance on foundational information better when the information is engaging, games are employed and even narrative tension is part of the learning experience (i.e. a story line) . Our interactive projects incorporate animation, video, gaming and powerful data gathering technology to make the most out of the learning experience for both the User and the administrators of the course.

All of this is guided by you, our customers.  We work with clients all over the world, using virtual staging sites allowing you to review, shape and direct your project from beginning to end.  Your goals become our goals, only by partnering with us you have our extensive capabilities  to bring it successfully to life.

With our award-winning animation and interactive design experience, Digital Elixir Studios holds a unique place in the world of online learning.

• Trust in our professionalism.
• Trust in our excellent communication and promptness.
• Trust that with your goals in mind, Digital Elixir will get  the attention of those you want to reach most!